Anatomy and Physiology II is the continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I. Lecture topics include the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems, and selected topics on metabolism and fluid homeostasis. Emphasis is given to the physiological functioning of these systems. Laboratory experiments illustrate the concepts discussed in the lectures. 4 Credits
The course studies how historical forces have shaped the societies and cultures of Caribbean countries. We will explore the twin themes of commonality and diversity in the Caribbean, and the role the Caribbean countries play in contemporary world societies. There will be several low stakes and high stakes writing assignments designed to assist you to master the course material as well as improve your writing skills. 3 Credits
This course is focused on practice in handing mathematical problems in physical and an introduction to certain fundamental topics in chemistry for students who have had insufficient high school training the physical
sciences. 3 Credits
This course is designed to help students develop skills in expository writing. Emphasis is placed on the writing process, organization, methods of development, and appropriate diction. A research paper using the MLA documentation format is required. You will also be asked to evaluate and critique your classmates’ essays in order to improve your own writing while encouraging others. 3 Credits